Fire protection engineers not only play a pivotal role as a "specialty" service to Architects, Engineers, Contractors, & Owners on monumental projects, they can also help bridge the gap between codes and design solutions on what are typically considered "simple projects". It is our experience that providing a well thought out fire protection plan, prior to construction, will ensure flexible and cost effective solutions.


    - Fire Sprinkler Design (Bid Documents, Shop Drawings,

          3D Piping Models for CAD Coordination)

    - Fire Alarm Design (Bid Documents or Shop Drawings)

    - Special Hazards Fire Suppression System Design (Bid or Shop Drawings)

    - Mass Notification System Design & Integration

    - Building Code \ Fire Code \ Life Safety Code Consulting

    - Fire Modeling and Fire Hazard Effects Analysis

    - Hazard Evaluation

    - Egress Modeling

    - Life Safety Evaluations in Existing Occupancies

    - Peer Review and 3rd Party Plan Review

    - Construction Administration and System Acceptance Testing

All Bid Documents, Shop Drawings, Engineering Assessments, and Calculation Packages are completed with a high "quality of care" in a manner that exceeds industry standards.


Sample PDF files of past related work are available upon request.